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What do I get with the new commission structure?

Com o novo sistema de comissões, você vai receber $100 por cada compra de um pacote Premium.
Com o sistema de comissões existente, você iria receber apenas 30% do valor do pacote Premium, ou seja entre $14 e $71.


We give you $100 for the first purchase made by any user you refer. All types of Premium Plans are included regardless of their cost or value. Just imagine, a customer buys 3 plans - you earn $300!


You get paid when a referred user makes a purchase, no matter when it happens. Referred users are “yours” for life. Let’s say a referred user decides to buy a Premium Plan after 6 months or 1 year - you get paid!


Whenever a user you refered purchases first Premium Plan for his project, you will get paid. We do not limit the number of projects a user may have and many have numerous sites. You will receive a commission for every first Premium Plan purchased by them.


You can refer users to the Webnode Affiliate Program even without special codes and links. With DirectLink, you will be able to add domains you own that will be used to refer users. Once approved we will track every user who comes from your site!

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